Upon enlightenment, all thought of enlightenment
vanishes. No aura of saintliness exists. Just a
deep well of compassion.

The meditation in which people are guided at The Meditation Sanctuaries is initially based on the practicalities of the true art of ‘yoga of the mind’ and then later, the more advanced forms of authentic meditation found in the classic Soto Zen practices. Zen is said to have originated more than 4,000 years ago. It’s wisdom was passed down through the ages by the ancients and then refined by both Chinese and Japanese Masters over more recent centuries before being carried into modern times by men and women of vision and enlightenment.

Zen meditation has several layers of practice. In the initial stages, it is a complete, gentle, enjoyable and utterly natural way to gradually calm our entire physical, mental and emotional being. It then enables us to see, understand and ‘let go’ the negative aspects of our being that hinder our natural and joyful engagement with life.

For those seeking deeper life-relevance and meaning, continued practice gently takes us to our natural higher consciousness of kindness, compassion and love – the expression of which unfolds true happiness, serenity, wisdom and enlightenment.

All levels of Zen meditation are offered at The Meditation Sanctuaries in Australia.

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The Meditation Sanctuaries

The first Sanctuary was established in Leichhardt, Sydney, 18 years ago by Zen Meditation Master, Brahmasamhara (Brahm). Since then, further sanctuaries have been established at Rozelle, Annandale and Sydney CBD. The Meditation Sanctuaries are widely considered to be some of the most authentic Zen teaching centres in Australia, attracting hundreds of students each year.

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